Goat Items 0 item(s)

Fun and functional items for your goat and your love of goats. We offer not only packs and harnesses but also fun items like jewelry, toys, games T-Shirts and more. Take a look, fun stuff!!

SHIPPING: We try to keep our shipping and handling as low as we can. Shipping and handling includes not just the cost of the stamps on the package. It also includes the information sent with the product, envelopes, tape, time to pack and trip to the post office.

Please note: If you see something you like, buy it now. I may or may not have that same print or type of fabric in stock and fabric stores do not keep the same fabric long... so I may or may not have the items long.

Also Note: All items sold are non returnable or refundable. We describe our items as well as we possibly can and also show a photo. All our items are tried and true on our own animals. If there is a problem with the craftsmanship of an item it will be replaced with as close to the same as we can replace it with.

We have found, in the past, that some people only want it use our items for photos and then return them. Thanks for understanding.

Goat Wagon Harnesses 42 item(s)

These harnesses were designed and manufactured by me. they are made in our NW SD non smoking home. I designed this harness for my own goats. I have used this same type of harnesses for years and have been in parades and other events and the harnesses work great and are very long lasting.

This design only takes about a minute to put on a goat and is machine washable, hang to dry.

Goat Keychains 4 item(s)

These are fun little functional keychains with plastic goats and beads on them. They have a split ring keychain.

Goat Jewerly 2 item(s)

Goat Jewelry is a fun way to not only show off your love for goats but to turn the conversation into something you would like to join in.

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