Designs~Games~ Finds by Marna 0 item(s)

Fun and Functional items Marna either created or found out and about and thought you might like to own! These items are not specific to a pet, but also for you!

Purses, Pouches and Bags 2 item(s)

Purses, pouches and bags in leather and other carry-alls.

Antique Coins 2 item(s)

These are finds!! Have a look at what we are offering!

Scaves, Snoods, Hats and More 7 item(s)

These are items I have made for Deron and or I. People tell me all the time "You should sell those..." So now we are.

Buttons, Jewerly, and More 16 item(s)

Buttons, Jewelry and other items

You never know just what might show up in this catagory. Sometimes I get an idea of something to make and sell or I find something that I purchase for resale.

Musical Instruments 11 item(s)

You never know what you might find in this catagory!

Hatler Tops 6 item(s)

These are the 70's triangle cut Halter Tops that will fit most body types. Please measure yourself to make sure these items will work out the way you are hoping.

Games 9 item(s)

Games created by Marna and or Deron Kazmaier. Games they play by themselves and with friends. These games you will not find any other place, unless of course, the ideas were stolen from us.

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